Basic Self Defense

Basic Self Defense

The Basic Women’s Self Defense Class teaches situational awareness, mental preparation, legalities of self defense, creating a personal safety plan and more. Physical techniques are kept simple and effective and can be applied against a number of common attacks.

Defense Class includes defending against armed attackers, ground fighting, sexual assault prevention and adrenal stress conditioning drills to acclimate students to reacting to high stress, critical incidents.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LEARNING A MARTIAL ART? Aside from learning how to defend yourself from aggression, there are other benefits from martial arts training such as: fitness, weight loss, self-confidence, self-discipline, environmental and situational awareness; control of the human mind in order to attain one’s full potential and mental capabilities. Techniques are taught to achieve an increase in one’s total awareness, focus, and concentration levels.

Master Dyer teaches certainly one of the most comprehensive systems of self-defense and combative techniques in the world. This system has been developed in accordance with the ancient principles of Yin-Yang, which emphasize balance in life and harmony with others and nature.

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