Five weeks ago I read an article in the business section of the Fargo Forum about an individual, Paul Dyer, who had joined the staff of Creative Health. The article not only talked about Paul’s qualifications as a fitness consultant, but went on to talk about his many other areas of interest and education. I thought, anyone with these qualifications, should certainly be able to help me regain the fitness and flexibility that had been lost by years of inactivity.

I called and set up an initial consult with Paul. I found that owners of Creative Health have created an inviting, clean, friendly atmosphere. The staff is well schooled in customer satisfaction and well trained in how to run a first class Health Fitness facility. The best part of my experience at Creative Health has been Paul Dyer. Paul, true to the article in the Forum, is an extremely well read, bright, caring person. He has an uncanny ability to know what your exercise capacity is and then encourage you to seek the next level. His wonderful positive reinforcement has allowed me to accomplish much more than I expected in this short period of time.

I have already accomplished the eight week goals we originally set. I feel great. My flexibility and strength are better than they’ve been in forty years. Paul Dyer has certainly lived up to his promise of helping me become physically and mentally fit. He is very, very good at what he does. But more important is the fact that that he truly cares about those around him and his community. We are fortunate to have him as a part of the Fargo/Moorhead community.

Paul T. Horn

To whom it may concern.

When I stumbled upon Paul Dyer’s physical training services, I had not regularly exercised in almost ten years, since my college rowing days. ! won a membership to Creative Health Spa and Fitness at a silent auction. As part of my new membership, I had four introductory sessions with physical trainer, Paul. I immediately noticed Paul’s attention to my personal goals. He listened to what I wanted to achieve without preconceived notions. He helped me focus on my successes and not my short-comings. He was reliable and flexible in accommodating my challenging work schedule. After my first four sessions, I decided to continue working with Paul and bought a training package.

Over the past twelve weeks I have made huge gains in my physical fitness with Paul’s guidance. I did not have to think about how I was going to get stronger or when to progress to higher weights. Paul took care of the details of planning the training so that I had no worries. Working with Paul was an entirely pleasant experience. I had notions of trainers yelling and demanding unimaginable feats from their clients. Paul dismissed that notion immediately. He has a wonderful sense of humor and made it easy for me to try hard to reach further than 1 thought I could. The training sessions and the weeks seemed to slip by. Paul was endlessly creative, introducing new routines and exercises as I progressed. He helped me access my drive for self-improvement. I would highly recommend Paul Dyer to anyone considering getting started on a fitness program, whether it is their first trial at exercise, or they arc training for competitive athletics.

Rochelle Tucker MD/PHD
A satisfied customer.

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