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A Students Veiw

Dakota Dragon Defense

Entering the Dragon

As usual time seems to go quick at the dojo. Class began with warm up on heavy bags. Master Dyer had me work a two punch combo with a step into a hammer fist to back fist combo and step out. Following that we worked katas. We then gathered around the white board, while Master Dyer brought us back to where we all begin. I refer to it as the birth lesson. After we are born the first thing we do is breathe. That gives us life. There is two forms of breathing, unconsciously and conscious. When one takes an intentional conscious breath, balance can be achieved in mind, body, and spirit. Through training and practice the dividends come in the form of balance, speed, agility, strength, and technique. I recommend watching Master Dyer’s lecture on this as i believe it to be the foundation of his teaching.

As we moved to the end segment of class he turned our focus back to intentional striking, involving striking certain points of the body, meridians, that connect our body to the mind. By knowing where, when, and how to strike one can disrupt and shut down an opponents body.

This morning I was thinking more about this and had an ah ha type moment. Master Dyer had stated we would be learning and moving into striking with intention. Remembering the teaching, all things matter, I thought deeply into all aspects of the class. As Master Dyer demonstrated a technique designed to shut down the stomach, he was standing in front of a tapestry with the yin yang background with the Dragon and Tiger. Also reminding me of the American Kenpo Karate badge, I envisioned the dragon, representing the power of mind and the tiger, representing power of body. One should practice to work both in harmony. It had dawned on me how we are breaking those down and doing just that. Last fall we had months of grappling, being thrown, toe to to fighting. We were practicing the tiger aspect. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve focused with intention, learning movements, studying and integrating. I feel I am beginning to see the full circle of the living science that Master Dyer shares with us. For that Iam grateful.

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