You Can Learn As I go

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You Can Learn As I go

By opening the eyes of a forever student (myself) there are subtle and yet strong lessons of learning and development. It is part of the higher cultivation of self. Knowledge can only be gain from the truth and the magic is healing.

I am sharing these new truths to you. I had finally got the total knee replacement done by a wonderful surgeon. The surgery went great. As we know there is an obvious healing time correct. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. There is more than healing going on and it is amazing. There is a new level of cellular and physical and body connection. As you may or may not know

I love teaching about energy and the body. This is a level of science of martial arts many get lost in and I understand that. When one begins in their training you are often not told by your professor, or instructor and anyone who deals with healing practices of health what I am going to point out to you. As a teacher of health in physical, mental and nutritional training I get the question and most often do how long will this take.

Level 4 is understand of healing oneself and others throughout all broken channels. I shall never answer that!

The Secrete Door
When you are separated from wholeness of health this are the opportunity to inner understanding of the development of self. Ie Mental dysfunction, Physical weakness, Nutritional imbalances and, Spiritual confusion. As I was in continues training and listening to my body I was able to open many unlocked doors that have been revealed to me because breaking of the body in surgery. I will answer this quick. Yes the body was disturbed before in the weakness of the body in the joint of both knees so why did I not hear this before. Answer: The cerebral way the mind creates a self preservation role until it gets cursed.

On every level you can be training yourself to defeat the many enemies. In opening this door let me teach you and guide you on your journey of discovery. Remember your body is talking from every level an enemy is discovered, from the Inner cellular level to the out visual corruption of fear (False evidence appearing ,real). one of our mission: We will strive and seek to help empower others with the knowledge to achieve wholeness.

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